We all want to feel
better in our bodies.

The challenges we face in how we embody ourselves in the world may range from: stress; aches and pains; injury; or imbalances in our physical/spiritual energy. Or we may want to perform better at a sport or other physical activity.

I bring a range of techniques to my sessions in support of you in having an easier and more harmonious experience of your body.

As a former professional dancer and having spent decades studying various healing modalities, I have a unique understanding of the body and its energetic systems that I bring to my clients.


Energetic Bodywork

Tui Na is the foundation of my Energetic Bodywork sessions. Tui Na is the ancient form of massage originating in China and is the precursor to Acupuncture.I love this form of bodywork as it addresses both the musculature as well as the underlying energetic systems. Working with the flow of energy/chi promotes balance and harmony within the client. Sessions may include very gentle (yin) energetic work to deeper dynamic stimulation (yang) of the musculature. I may also include Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, and Reiki.

Swedish/Deep Tissue

I do a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage that can go from a lighter approach to deeper work in tight areas. I have found in my practice that while doing Swedish massage there are areas of the body that respond well to a deep tissue release and in doing Deep Tissue massage the use of Swedish as an integrative technique can be very useful. The focus of these sessions is on the muscles, fascia, joints and tendons.

In my sessions, I weave together additional therapeutic modalities as needed.
A session may also include the following:

Injury and Surgery Recovery

Our bodies adapt to trauma in various ways. When we experience trauma in the body, energy flow may be interrupted and redirected to other areas of the body. Our bodies may adapt by relying on other muscles to take over the functioning of the injured muscle.  In working with injury and surgery recovery, I address musculature/skeletal imbalances as well as energy flow through the injured area. I find this balanced approach accelerates the healing process. 

Postural Analysis and Movement Education

Pain can often be a result of postural misalignment. We live in a world that can encourage bad posture. How we use our phones and computers, how we stand, sit and engage the world around us may contribute to misalignment. Along with release of musculature, I may assess Postural Alignment and utilize movement education to support a more integrated experience of the body. 

Healing and Self-Care

I see my work as a facilitator of healing, which really comes from within ourselves. I liken it to lighting a candle: I may light a candle, but the candle burns itself. Depending on the need, sessions may end with a discussion about how you carry the work we have done together into your life. Self-care is essential.


Sessions are $125 for 60 minutes
and $150 for 75 minutes.
Sliding scale based on need.


My studio is located three blocks from Hollywood and Vine with easy access to Hwy 101. Off-street parking is available.


I can be reached at: (213) 761-1119

Or: cht@soulatlas.com

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